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Roman Tutoring: March 2018 ACT Prep Classes in Newtown, PA

To Register: Select a class day and time from the list below, then complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page. You can also call us to register at 267-394-3225.

Thank you for your interest in our March 2018 ACT Prep Class. We are very proud of our ACT Prep course and we know this will be another great year!

Here are the details:

∑  This class is structured to prepare students for the April 14, 2018 ACT.

 This is a 5 session course (students will attend one 90 minute class per week)

∑  All classes will be held at the Farmhouse at 111 Pheasant Run, Newtown, PA.

∑  Class times (choose one of the following classes):

    Sundays 10:00 am - 11:30 am - beginning on March 11, 2018 and ending April 8, 2018
    Saturdays 10:00 am - 11:30 am - beginning on March 17, 2018 and ending April 14, 2018

∑  Both classes will run parallel beginning on Sunday, March 11, 2018. If you can't make it to your class one week, you can sit in on the other class to make up the lesson.

∑  All materials will be provided at no additional charge, including all practice tests. Please remember to bring a calculator and a pencil to class.

∑  Class size will be limited to 4-16 students. This will allow for the class to be small and comfortable, so that students will still be able to receive individual attention when necessary.

Other things you should know about our classes:

Results: Our students have consistently shown a dramatic improvement in their ACT scores. We have tutored 3000+ students over the past 12 years which means that we have been through every possible scenario and that we know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to ACT prep. Ultimately, we have developed our own unique program in which we cover all pertinent material in a simple yet comprehensive way. Our methods obviously include all of our famous math tricks and reading techniques!

Atmosphere: Classes are held at The Farmhouse at 111 Pheasant Run, Newtown, PA. There is just something special about being in our classroom (situated in a cozy, rustic Farmhouse) that seems to keep students feeling comfortable and confident. It sounds funny, but it's true!

Motivation: We have a knack for getting small groups of students excited about studying for the ACT. This is where our many years of summer camp experience come into play. We know how to keep a group of high school students engaged!

Payment: Of course we saved this for last! The fee is $100 per class x 5 weeks = $500 total. Full payment is due at the first class. Please make all checks payable to 'Roman Tutoring, LLC'. Thatís easy enough, right? Feel free to call us if you have questions.


Adam and Jen Roman
Roman Tutoring, LLC

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