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About Jen...

About me:

I am a 40-something year old SAT/ACT Tutor based in Newtown, PA and I definitely have my own unique approach to test Prep. In my past work lives I have owned Art-based businesses in both New Mexico and Arizona. I have also worked for years in business based marketing for various companies. I am definitely a people person and NOBODY can motivate kids like I do. I really think of myself as an SAT/ACT Guru because I make all of the pain and stress of the SAT and the ACT go away!

Why I'm good at this:

I am good at getting my students to feel at ease with the tests, which is no easy task. I have years of group marketing experience and my strength has always been my ability to nurture people and personalities. Also, as far as the SAT and ACT are concerned, I have literally 14 years of experience and have worked with 4000+ students. I know every problem on every SAT and ACT dating back to 2005. Sometimes I think I should get a job writing questions for the tests, because I intuitively seem to know all of the correct answers! Bottom line: I have studied these tests for a long, long time and NOBODY knows the material better than I do.

My education:

I attended Temple University and I studied for a year at Temple University's Rome campus. In the end, I graduated from Temple with a BBA (specializing in Marketing) in 1997.

Finding myself as a tutor:

Fortunately, I have married into one of Bucks County's most prestigious SAT and ACT tutoring families! In high school I was an English and Math whiz and I have now found a way to use my  talents to become a master of the SAT and ACT. I am someone who genuinely enjoys helping people. The rewarding feeling I get from working with kids means everything to me.

Other things you should know about me:

I am the mother of two adorable kids and I am always organizing things. I really have the personality of a party planner! I also like to watch late night re-runs of old TV shows, especially 'The Love Boat' and my all time fav 'Three's Company' (I loved John Ritter)!

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