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Study for the SAT with Adam at Pine Forest Camp!

If you're looking for a camp with non-stop excitement, great food, cool cabins, awesome counselors, endless activities and lots of laughs... Pine Forest Camp is the place for you! For 80 years Pine Forest has been in the business of giving kids the ultimate camping experience... and what would the ultimate camping experience be without a little SAT study?

Here's what Adam's Pine Forest SAT class is all about:

  Results: This course will include all of the highest impact SAT tricks and techniques. The bottom line: kids will learn how to make a big impact on their SAT score in a short period of time. After tutoring 4000+ kids personally over the past 14 years, one thing Adam knows is how to get the most out of the process.

  Atmosphere: The SAT will be taught in a fun, engaging way that encourages students without pressuring them. Classes will be held at Pine Forest Camp located in Greeley, PA. Oh, it's going to be fun alright! What better place to study for the SAT than in the wilderness at summer camp? It is a relaxed and comforting environment that yields amazing results.

  Motivation: Adam has a knack for getting small groups of students excited about studying for the SAT - this is where a decade of summer camp experience comes into play. Adam knows how to keep a group of high-school students interested.

  The Basics: The course will consist of 4 sessions held on 4 separate days during the course of the summer. Three of the sessions will consist of Adam teaching them the material:  The first session will focus on Math, the second will focus on Reading and the third will focus on Writing. The campers will spend pat of the 4th session taking a practice test that will be scored and used as a baseline for any future work/SAT Prep. All of the lessons will be focused on teaching the most important strategies for mastering the SAT in a condensed yet comprehensive way.

To find out more call 267-639-2488 or visit pineforestcamp.com

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