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The SAT and ACT Subject Material - Math, Reading, Writing and Science

  We Cover it all: We show our students exactly how to handle every part of the SAT and ACT. Our Curriculum is the most refined approach to SAT and ACT prep that you will find anywhere.

  Math Tricks: We really hate to call them tricks, because they are actually very clever alternate methods for solving SAT and ACT Math problems. Let's just say that these tricks are your best friends when things get tough! These techniques need to be taught up front, as they yield amazing results when put into practice.

  Math Concepts: You didn't think we were going to only teach Math tricks did you? We also teach the Math concepts that are necessary to solve SAT and ACT Math problems. We focus our energy ONLY on those concepts. That's what differentiates us from typical Math SAT and ACT tutors. We know which specific math concepts to teach and which to pass over.

  Reading Comprehension: We teach specific techniques that show students what to look for when reading passages. You only need to take away a few basic elements from a reading passage to do well on the SAT and ACT. We also teach students how to differentiate between right and wrong answer choices. There is definitely an art to it all, but don't think we're going to give away all of our secrets here!

  Vocabulary in Context: Many students get very stressed over vocabulary on the SAT and ACT. However, the real trick is knowing how to use the vocabulary you already have to get questions right.

  Grammar and Writing Skills: We teach the 25 Grammar Rules and the 3 punctuation rules that lead to SAT and ACT improvement. It's as simple as that. You do not have to be an English Professor to do well on the SAT and ACT Writing/English sections.

  Essay Writing: We've got it covered. We teach our students how to write a solid SAT or ACT essay by literally giving them a step-by-step formula. It doesn't matter if you are a good writer or a bad writer because techniques for writing an SAT or ACT essay can be easily learned. Give the graders what they want and they will give you a good essay score.

Register now for our SAT and ACT Prep Classes. Also feel free to call 267-394-3225 or Email to schedule private sessions. Our availability is extremely limited so don't hesitate!

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