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Why does the SAT matter?

Because it can help you get into college!

Lets take a look at the overall situation here: SAT scores are important, but they are not the only thing colleges will be judging you on. Colleges will also look at your grades, extra-curricular activities, application essays, etc. ... BUT they will be looking at your SAT scores. Since they will be looking, you definitely need to be prepared to the best of your ability.

Why the SAT really matters:

We know you hear every year that certain colleges are dropping their SAT requirement (last year the big name was Wakeforest that joined the anti-SAT list). What you don't hear is that colleges like Penn State, Temple, etc are relying more on the SAT than ever before. Penn State for example had over 80,000 applicants last year. They need a way to determine how a 3.5 GPA at Council Rock differs from a 3.5 GPA at Lower Moreland. How could they possibly have the time to distinguish between academic strengths and weaknesses of different high school programs? Well, the truth is they can't. So what do they do? They rely on your SAT scores as a way of comparing seemingly similar students from different high schools across the nation. Seems to make sense, right? Well, that point can be argued but lets not do it now!

Bigger is better when it comes to the SAT.

The larger the school, the more your SAT scores will matter. At larger schools, admissions committees have less time to devote to each application. They are much more likely to use SAT scores as a cutoff before even considering the rest of your application. The smaller the school, the more your extra-curricular activities matter, but even most of these schools still use SAT scores to help determine admissions.

The Bottom Line:

Prepare for the SAT- Use it to help you get into college.


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